Where real estate
meets blockchain

AzurSea is a gateway to millions of real estate offers and promotional tools
allowing the sale and rental of property across the world using the Blockchain technology.

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AzurSea is a Blockchain technology-based enterprise aiming to enhance an already widely used global product by placing in on the Blockchain. AzurSea facilitates advertising, selling and renting real estate worldwide by virtue of the Blockchain.

Thanks to our easy to use AzurSea platform, the user will be able to cheaply and quickly sell, buy or rent real estate without any intermidiaries which greatly reduces cost.

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StructureWe offer four major functionalities.


The AzurSale tool is a solution to the problem of quick purchase and sales of real estate.


AzurTrade will be a platform gives you the opportunity to tokenize your proper, allowing you to transfer ownership of the blockchain and avoid threats from the traditional market.


AzurRent will be a platform dedicated to connecting users looking for real estate for rent and accommodation with owners of such properties.


ZezoomGlobal.com is a global platform connecting agents and agencies and property owners with people potentially interested in renting or buying real estate.

Why blockchain?

Decentralization = security
Lower transaction costs
Faster transactions
Token AzurCoin

Buy tokens

AzurSea has developed it's own dedicated AzurCoin token which allows the on-platform transactions to take place. Renting, buying, selling, tokenization and real estate management all use the AzurCoin token.

Eric Calosci CEO

Founder of several PropTech companies in the field of virtual tours (Previsite) and international advertising (WorldPosting), he works at digital and real estate industry over 18 years. Also the director of FF2i (French Federation of real estate market in the Internet). He collected over 10 millions of dollars for their companies, especially to expand Previsite business.

Juliusz Paracki Chief Legal Counsel

A lawyer with over twelve years of experience, involved in a large number of transactions in the real estate industry. He gained his experience in the best international and national law offices. Juliusz has several MA titles, completed post-graduate studies and numerous courses and trainings. Multiple scholarship holder and an academic lecturer. For over seven years, he has been active in running his office in northern Poland. Fluent in English and Russian. He spends his free time traveling with his family.

Robert Wojciechowski Chief Operating Officer

An expert in the field of strategic marketing and management in various industries. In his over 20-year career he worked for leading companies from the E-Commerce, Facility Management and Media industries. He participated in the creation of, among others, the Distribution and Distribution Control Association Polish Reading Research. In 2000 he also organized Polish Internet Studies, of which he was the President of the Management Board. For 2 years professionally connected with the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. leads own OAAM consulting company supporting the entity in the strategy blockchain, crowdfunding and ICO. Co-founder and President Board of the Chamber of Commerce of Blockchain and New Technologies having to regulate the blockchain and digital currencies market; and adaptation of blockchain technology to business and everyday life.

Jérôme Revy Vice President

He graduated from the Faculty of Networking and Telecommunications, Master of Science in the field of Polish science. 20 years of professional experience, in 9 years in the industry property. He is the first who launched in 2009 a mobile application for geolocation of real estate advertisements under the name geoimmo. He is also the director of FF2i.

Geoffroy Reiser Vice President

Since 2013 he has been working in the real estate industry ListGlobally, the world's largest real estate portal network that connects real estate sellers with international clients. He concluded transactions with leading real estate brands, he won extensive experience in real estate technology. Investor and mentor. In addition, he is an advisor in business strategy and investing.

Agnieszka Woskowiak Service Content Manager

A lawyer with ten years of professional experience in several international corporations in Great Britain. She gained her first professional experience at the European Union institutions in Brussels at the Parliament and the Council of the European Union. Agnieszka has a Polish masters degree and a British Chartered Legal Executive title. She also completed post-graduate studies related to European Union law in France as well as numerous courses and trainings with international and Polish lecturers. For over five years she has been involved in the world of multi-level marketing and the world of crypto-currencies. An investor and an owner of several properties. After gaining a brief professional experience as a real estate agent, she began to run her own seasonal rental business in France. She speaks French, English and Polish fluently and is currently learning Russian. Interested in personal development, Agnieszka spends her free time playing tennis, reading books and traveling with her family. She currently lives in the south of France.

Igor Haleta Blockchain Marketing Officer

Chief Marketing at OAAM ICO Consulting. ICO / STO advisor. Supporting member of the Polish Blockchain and New Technology Chamber of Commerce. Certified analyst of ICO projects. Master International relations. In the blockchain industry since 2017, where he started his way in the Polish Technology Accelerator Blockchain as analitic, later as communi manager in dPLN project (Polish national cryptocurrency), which led to the position of CMO in the current company.

Agnieszka Brol-Radzicka Real Estate Advisor

A graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdańsk and post-graduate studies in Real Estate Valuation Gdańsk University of Technology. She has a broker's professional license in real estate turnover of the Polish Real Estate Federation. For 20 years, she has been professionally involved in consulting and market service property. She supports both clients with his activities individual and institutional in making the right ones investment decisions. She is also responsible for the process raising funds for their financing. In your career she worked as the director of the administration department in a large Polish bank, also managing his real estate. She implements orders in the field of preparation and reviewing development projects. She shares his knowledge and experience with adept at the intermediary profession on organized courses and training. She is the President of the Pomeranian Association Realtors.

Bartłomiej Lalek Blockchain Development Advisor

A social entrepreneur, traveler, investor. Is co-owner of several companies from various industries. He specializes in starting business projects and their scaling. Economical expert at radio “Radiowa 4”, gave interviews, among others, to Puls Biznesu ''. He has been involved in the Blockchain industry for over 2 years. He is founder of the Tokenomic, company that provides trading services and services transaction consulting in the field of cryptocurrencies and ICO / STO consultancy. Cryptocurrency miner and trader. Active member of Polish Bitcoin Association and supporting member of the Chamber of Commerce Blockchain and New Technologies.

Sławomir Zawadzki Blockchain Developlent Advisor

An investor, founder and founder of several start-ups in the fin-tech and IT industry and blockchain. Thanks to over 12 years of experience in sales and informace efficiently and effectively manages almost all key areas of companies, including legal issues and marketing. He feels equally good at working with technology and finance at work with the client - at acquisition, service and sale.

Rafał Kiełbus Chief Blockchain Officer

Into Bitcoin technology since 2012, a very “bad moderator” at the Polish Bitcoin forum since 2012, Blockchain Developer in the Polish Blockchain Technology Accelerator, a member of the Polish Bitcoin Association, a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Blockchain and New Technologies. Developer on Polcoin, PLNCoin and dPLN projects. Author of articles, presentations and seminars under the title “Rafal corrects Bitcoin” in the technical aspects of Bitcoin on crypto currency, blockchain, smart contracts.

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